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WEBTECH Engineering (P) Ltd deals in the following products, Please click on any product to view the details of the products:

Printing Machines

The first dedicated computer stationery plant for stock forms/Blank stationery in India was launched in the year 1999 at print pack. The whole machine is designed in single frame for compact model. This computer stationery plant requires minimum man power, less wastage and more productive.


2. Form Press – 3 Up

Best machine for large quantity Stock forms production. The machine is designed with a very heavy-duty structure. The machine can take upto 30″ width paper reel and can produce 3 up of 10″ width forms. One letter Press Printing Machine is also provided for polymer printing or Numbering. Some of the features include Pneumatic reel loading, auto tension control, convenient height of conveyor table, easy change cylinder system.


3. Xplore – 3



They have launched Multi Purpose Combi Press XPLOR with the motto of giving the clients customized solutions.. This machine is designed to produce different range of products like Sheet out put in 23” x 18”, A-4 Size, book printing, commercial publishing, hard cover printing up to 180 GSM, Business forms in all sizes, Reel out put on normal and coated papers. Art paper printing can also be done with UV drying attachment. Online signature fold and quarter folding attachment can also be equipped for book publishing. The Working width and variable cut off system makes it capable for a wide range of printing jobs. Other latest features like Reinsertion equipment, online variable data and digital imaging, auto registration can also be installed in this machine can be installed. For special jobs different printing systems like flexo, gravure, letter press machine and offset machine can be combined in a single machine. This machine is specially designed to cater to a wide range of products. In place of installing different machines for all these operations, with XPIOR, you can do them on one machine thus saving your valuable capital and utilising minimum floor space. This machine can be provided from 3 colours to 12 colour combinations.

Approximate Machine Dimensions :-
  • Increased height of the folding unit for easy operation and better handling.
  • Micro registration of perforation and folding by knob.
  • 24” draw roller for accurate draw to maintain form length.
  • On the run punch registration with perforation.


5. SAB-20

Salient Features

  • Heavy casted Common base for all printing units.
  • Hard and Ground gears
  • Fine Pitch gears
  • Micro Registration
  • Duplex punching
  • Solid grinding rollers
  • All main parts Manufactured CNC machines
  • Frames Boring on fully computerized horizontal boring machines.

6. Collators

Collator are use to collate the paper and carbon. Their machine can collates upto 5 parts. They also provide some attachment with the machine, on which basis they divide the collator into two different models (1) Multipart Collator (2) Multifunction Collator.

Multipart Collator :-
For collating continuous zig-zag folded packs upto 4 parts computer stationery previously interleaved with carbon paper or with rolls of carbon paper.

The machine is supplied with one pair of crimp locking tools. The machine will be fabricated steel frame with adequate number of idler shafts to give support to the forms as they are conveyed into the crimping head with three additional stations to handle carbon paper rolls with crash number printing as well as logo printing attachment.

Multifunction Collator :-
To collate packs of single continuous forms for multipart packs. For collating continuous zig-zag folded packs up to 5 part computer stationery previously interleaved with carbon paper or with 4 rolls of carbon paper or NCR paper. The machine is also equipped with gumming system for envelops, Horizontal perforation stations for off line perforation, Vertical perforation stations with two vertical perforation holder for off line vertical perforation and Text / Logo / Number Printing Attachment for off line printing and numbering.
The machine is supplied with one pair of crimp locking tools. The machine will be fabricated steel frame with adequate number of idler shafts to give support to the forms as they are conveyed into the crimping head with three additional stations to handle carbon paper rolls with crash number printing as well as logo printing, gumming, horizontal and vertical perforation attachment. One 12” plate and perforation cylinder is included in the scope of supply.
Approximate Machine Dimensions :-
  • Online gumming for envelops/ cash cards.
  • Online down perforation (V.P)
  • Online text printing
  • Digital forms counter.

Features offered:


Central impression flexo Press with multi out put options. This Flexo Printing Machines is offered upto 5 colour flexo units with common impression cylinder, multi position die cutting, and multi outputs like reel, fold and sheet. Imported magnetic cylinder and Ceramic anilox rollers are offered. the machine is compact and with perfect registration


8. Flexomaster S-10

The latest modular flexo press FLEXOMASTER is the most flexible and versatile machine for printing lables and flexible packaging. The operator friendly features of the machines ensure quick changeovers and make operating the press a pleasure.

The modular concept of the FLEXOMASTER enables you to customize the machine as per your specifications depending on your market and product requirements like the width of the press, repeats, printing units, special units like offset, gravure, foiling stations like hot and cold foiling, screen printing etc can be attached as per the requirements.

Engineered to Perfection

9. Flexorule


  • 6 colour flexo and ruling printing.
  • Size change for cut sheets by change gear Online Numbering facility.
  • Smooth operation by special gears.
  • Static Eliminator to neutralize the paper.
  • Special Jogging for perfect stacking of the paper.
  • Rotary cutting with cross adjustment.
  • Pneumatic loading for self loading system.
  • Digital Counting.
  • Electrical panel with speed control and inching facilites.
  • High pile delivery on the stack table.
  • Heavy duty casting frames.
  • Approx weight of the machine: 9500 KG.

Converting Machines

1. Simplex Slitter Rewinders

The most economical solution for perfect rewinding machines for heavy duty rolls. Best for rewinding houses, Convertors, Paper Mills etc.


2. Doctoring and Rewinding Machines

The best solution for perfect slitter rewinder machine for heavy duty rolls. Best for rewinding houses, Convertors, Paper Mills etc. with latest features like Auto Unloading, Pneumatic Controls, Spreader (Banana) roller, Automatic rider roll weight compensation etc.


3. DSR E

This Duplex Slitter Rewinders is designed with mechanical controls and friction clutch. The machine can slit and rewind vide range of substrates like paper, film, foil, metalized film, adhesive tape, BOPP, non woven textile, aluminium etc. the width of the machine ranges from 30″ to 75″.

Technical Specifications:

4. Cash Rolls Machines

The rewinding machine for add cash rolls, fax rolls and other small paper roll converting from big reels. This machine is equipped with easy loading and unloading of rewinding shafts for higher production and lesser down time. Multi unwind stations can be provided for multi ply rolls like Teleprinter rolls Multi Ply adding machine rolls for billing etc.

Technical Specifications:

5. ATM Roll Machines


6. Simplex Sheet Cutter


7. Webtech Copier Cutting

The WEBTECH Copier sheeter is designed for slitting and sheeting of a wide range of papers to produce copier paper direct from reel to sheet to save costly wastage. This machine is suited for Paper mills, Converting houses etc. the machine is designed with HMI controls. The HMI controls all the operations from starting of the machine, speed acceleration, sheet counting, machine de acceleration and stopping of the machine after pre set no of sheets, clearing of sheets on the conveyor and re starting of the machine. this helps the operator to just pick the sheets from the joggers after each batch

Technical Specifications:

Packaging Machines

1. Pouch Packaging Machines

Granules Liquid Paste Powder

  • Fully automatic form, fill & sealing machine is designed for accurate packing of product in seal pouches up to 2 Kg.
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Suitable for all types of heat seal able laminate films.
  • The machine is versatile for easy changeability of size of pouchs.
  • All contact parts are made of food grade steel.
  • Coding systems like hot foil, inkjet, embossing etc can be incorporated.
  • Different weighing & filling systems can be synchronized to handle different materials and sizes.

2. Filling Machines

Augur Filler
To pack free flowing powders like spices, salt, herbal tea, milk powder, mehandi etc.
Cup Filler
To pack granuals like tea, rice, pulses, gutka, supari etc.

Cup Filler with Load Cell Weighing System
To pack irregular shapes like chips, kurkure, namkeens.

Pump Filler
To pack liquids like oil, shampoo, ghee, ketchup, milk, water etc.

Piston Filler
To pack toothpaste, jam, mashed pickles etc.

Other Attachments:
Coding unit, Gas flushing, Guessetting, Batch cutting, Bucket elevator, Screw conveyor, Stainless steel construction.

3. Servo Controlled Auger Filler

Technical Specifications:


Engineering Services

1. Plain Plug Gauge

  • Reversible type (Option) 5 to 12 mm
  • Taper lock type IS 6137:1983-12 to 40 mm
  • Double end disc type IS 6244:1980-60 to 85
  • S/E disc type IS 6244:1980 – 60 to 85 mm
  • Plate type as per (our STD design) 80 to 300 mm
  • Carbide Plug gauge upto 26.0 mm dia.
  • Accuracy as per IS 3455:1971 and BS 969 – 1953
  • Material OHNS / EN31
  • Hardness 60 ± 2 HRc

2. Plain Snap Gauges

  • Single ended upto 100 mm as per IS 8023:1976
  • Single ended above 100 mm as per our own design
  • Double ended as per IS 4583:1968
  • Thickness 6 mm to 30 mm (optional as per customer’s requirement)
  • Thickness above 30 mm as per customer’s requirement
  • Accuracy as per IS 3455:1971
  • Material OHNS / EN31 / Casting with hardened anvils.
  • Hardness 60 ± 2 HRc

3. Plain Ring Gauge (Go/No-Go) / Master Ring

  • Design as per IS 3485:1983
  • Tolerance ± 0.002 mm actual size will he engraved
  • Material OHNS/EN31
  • Tolerance as per IS 3455

4. Measuring Pin Set

India’s largest manufacturer Pin Gauges offers you precision ground and lapped pins for checking bores, center distance, gear PCD. threads and general gauging purpose as per customer’s requirement. Webtech Engineering measuring pin confirm to IS 11103:1984


  • Measuring pins come in step of 0.01 mm, 0.02 mm or as per customer’s requirement.
  • Also offers loose pins, pins of odd sizes on special demand.
  • Diametrical tolerance + 0.002 mm
  • Ovality & lobbing within 0.001
  • Measuring length as per customer’s requirement
  • Hardness 60 ± 2 HRc

5. Air Plug Gauges / Special Gauges / Jigs & Fixtures

Webtech Engineering Tools & Gauges has got the expertise in Air Plug Gauges, Special Gauges. Jigs & Fixtures for the various purposes. Special gauges for center distance, checking & PCD checking , Taper Plug gauges, Taper Ring Gauge, Taper mandrel, Flush Pin type gauge, Bridge Gauge, Length Gauge, Receiver Gauges, Jigs – Fixtures & dead center (Steel / Carbide) and any customised mentioned gauges, Jigs & Fixtures.


With years of experience in machining and engineering services, WEBTECH has ventured into Fabrication business to provide customers with latest Sheet metal Fabrication solutions. In the last 3 years of operation, the fabrication division has handled some of the very prestigious customers and has been producing components for industries like Automobiles like Honda Motors, Yamaha Motors, (both indirect supply), Earth moving machines like JCB india, Escorts Construction equipment ltd., Custom built components for customers like Delhi Metro Rail Corporation etc.

The Fabrication Division manufacturing facility is equipped with latest machines like a 5 mt x 16 mt Plasma Cutting machine of Messers, MiG welding machines, Power press, spot inspection equipment, 2D and 3 D softwares for designing and most important a very highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of engineers to ensure quality and customer satisfaction which is the top priority of WEBTECH culture.

They can provide complete solutions for any types of fabrication and machining components, sub assemblies and full assemblies right from Development, Proto typing and full production.

Some of the existing products include Stand of Motor cycle for Honda motors, Axel assembly for JCB and Escorts Constructions etc.

Solar Products

  • Solar Water Heating Systems
  • Solar Cooking Systems
  • Solar Photovoltaic Modules
  • Solar Home Lighting Systems (CFL & LED Both)
  • Solar Street Lighting Systems (CFL & LED & SOX)
  • Solar Lanterns (CFL & LED Both)
  • Solar Power Plants

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