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Shield Engineering with 45 years experience manufactured for the first time in India, an import substitute paper cutting knives and Longitudinal Knife Edge Grinding Machine in 1970. Shri R.L.Aggarwal, Chairman of the company had a dream in 1950 to manufacture knives and Knife Edge Grinding machines indigenously to save the outflow of valuable Indian Currency. In association with the Technocrats and co-operation of the Aggarwal family, the dream of our Chairman was converted into reality, when the company manufactured Longitudinal Knife Edge Grinding Machines and Paper Cutting Knives indigenously in 1970 for the first time in India.
As a result of our consistent quality and our Motto of Customers satisfaction today, our more than 600 Longitudinal Knife Edge Grinding Machines are working satisfactorily in various Paper Mills and other industries. The company feels proud that the Grinding Machine supplied in the year 1970 has been working quite satisfactorily.

The Directors of our company visited Germany and other countries and acquired the latest technology. In 1993, with latest German Technology, the company set up a Big Project equipped with sophisticated and modern machines and in 1994 introduced Products of Import Substitute for the first time in India. The knoives being manufactured by our company with latest technical know-how are 3 times more efficient besides being commercially viable. The introduction of latest technology has reduced the frequency of grinding of our knives. Whereas these were usually ground after every 12 hours of working, these are ground now after 24 customers. The company feels proud in saving substantial outflow of Indian currency by restricting import of paper cutting knives and earn heavy Foreign Exchange due to increase in export of its products.

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