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With their patents of Seamless holographic printing and UV Casting&Curing technology, Shantou Yiming Holotech Machine Co.,Ltd (YIMING) offer multiple solutions to their clients in flexible packing and security printing industry. Their innovative machines can meet various customers’ requirements in cost-effective production.

YIMING HOLOTECH – Your best partner of brand protection

Yiming Inline Holographic Unit:

Even you don’t have experience on holographic production, you can make holographic image on your products now. Yiming Inline Holographic Unit can be installed with your flexible/gravure printing machine as one independent operation, automatic registered system can reach accuracy at 0.02mm.

Yiming Seamless Holographic Embossing System

In raibow holographic film production, shim lines are created during the rotative process. Yiming Seamless Holographic Embossing SysteM guarantees a continuous visual apperence without any defect.

Yiming UV casting and Curing system:

This system is friend environment process for green printing, making diversity image on your film surface, including Optic Reflection, Matte, Super Bright and other customer design. This system offers highly efficient and security technology  to meet specific product requirements for your customers. Those systems can be anything from a complete standard coating line to a new custom coating line, or just a coater head that can be retrofit into your existing line.

YIMING HOLOTECH – Speciallized on turn-key project, Your Best technical partner

They are not only a machine designer and maker, but also experienced converter and printer. Before any set of new design sold into market, They use this machine by themselves for min one year in their plant. Their clients not only get top quality machines from them, but also technology supports for how to making good quality products.

YIMING Holotech– Special machines due to customer requirements

With their experience on machine design and process, they make special machines due to customer’s special requirments, including dual head coating, reverse/blade exchangable coating, UV coating, Ultra thin/thick coating and so on.

They have necessary expertise and logistical support to fulfill all the demands of effective and high-volume foil production through Their turn-key projects. Their customer support team is on standby at all times to respond to the needs of customers from around the world

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