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We put forth for our clients a quality-assured gamut of Polypropylene Sheets that are known for their high resistance against chemical corrosion, high temperature, impact and abrasion. These are demanded across the chemical, lining/cladding, food processing, luggage, packaging, tan and gold industry. These carry relatively lower weight of 0.91 gms/cc and are counted as lightest of all thermoplastic material. Some specific properties are follows:

  • Cannot be used over 60° C
  • At 100° C still retains approximately 30% of mechanical characteristics available at room temperature
  • Vicat softening point of Polypropylene is high
  • Suitable to be used at temperature between – 10° C and + 40° C
  • Under – 10° C Polypropylene looses partially its resilience characteristics, value of which is more than sufficient for most of the usual applications
  • Chemical resistance is assured against most of the chemical reagents; organic and inorganic
  • Delivers excellent results at temperatures, where usually common thermoplastics fail to withstand

Key properties:

  • Excellent resistance to most of the chemical reagents, organic and inorganic
  • Non-toxic, can be safely used to package food and water
  • Large articles can be made from PP as it is easy to weld
  • Insoluble in most chemicals making it an ideal anti-corrosive material
  • High tolerance to impact and abrasion
  • Tools used for machining metal and wood can be used for PP
  • Can be formed into a variety of shapes and sizes
  • It is important to point out the high resistance to atmospheric agents in the special version with carbon black
  • Suitable for outside applications at mild temperatures assuring better life assured

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