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August 10, 2015 by Megha Kalra

More than 120 print firms have sent in their entries for the PrintWeek India Awards. This translates into over 1000 print jobs. PrintWeek India is in the process of creating a unique website, which will capture these top print jobs along with their tech specs in an attempt to demonstrate the power of print.

The problem of India’s print and allied sector of USD 30bn, on which the world’s second-most populous nation depends, is rarely the focal point for media news or spends.
Therefore, the main aim, as Suresh Ramakrishnan, publisher, Haymarket Media said, is to connect printers and print buyers. “This website will be a sort of a game changer in attracting print buyers. Many brands and top corporates seek to invest in print. Be it: UV or MetPet or photo albums.”

There is a steady stream of enquiries from buyers across the country.

A disgruntled buyer from Rajasthan asked, “My head office wants to know how to do the visual merchandising for my bank facades, if I’ve a service like this, then my prayers will be answered.”
In order to cater to such a buyer, the site will inform buyers of product segments like wide-format print to industrial applications to labels, as well as who the key players in the market are and who can produce the job in the Indian market.
In addition to the Award entries, the website will be regularly updated with the Top Jobs that the PrintWeek India team comes across during their visits to print firms across the country. Eventually, a provision will be provided for the printing companies to upload the details of their jobs.
Plus, the buyer can surf the site and know which printers in which cities can produce the said print job.
All of this will be provided with technical information regarding the paper, board, inks, and finishing. An end buyer, who wants to get a particular job in his city, can look at similar samples from the website and can get the contact details required.
In form of an intuitive website, the new platform is designed in an unique easy way to use the format, so that the primary focus remains the print works and related case-studies.
The target audience is not just top brands and MNCs, but also rural businesses and SMEs and MSMEs.
Ramakrishnan said, “It will be a platform for the print industry and packaging industry to connect with end customers.”
The site will go live on 7 October at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai as part of the PrintWeek India Awards Night; an event which will be attended by more than 350 print VIP delegates.
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