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April 25, 2015 by ipamapp

Recently, Enfocus along with its Indian partner ThinkPrint organized three product seminars at Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai – the first ever in India to launch and discuss the new versions of its PDF development tools.  Along with Gopal Krishnan and Hemanshu Desai of ThinkPrint, Yves De Vlieger, associate director of sales of Enfocus was at hand to address and attend to the queries of the prepress print professionals. The Gent-based software developer has re-engineered the functionality within PitStop 13 to increase the opportunities to preflight and correct PDF files, with a major focus on a solution for the very common issue of no or insufficient bleed.

PitStop 13 has a re-designed Preflight engine that addresses the challenges of creating high-quality PDFs and is structured to ensure the submission of high-quality PDFs. It includes a new option to generate bleed where none currently exists and the ability for users to customize the language and content of the error messaging within Preflight reports, including the use of languages for which the software has not yet been localized.

More targeted, relevant checks and corrections
“Preflight Restrictions represents the most significant change to the PitStop Preflight library since it was created 15 years ago. It allows the checks and fixes included in a preflight profile to be limited to certain aspects of a PDF. For example, a PDF page box, a certain page or pages, a particular area or specific elements of a PDF, even different layers within a PDF file can each be checked in different ways, depending upon user requirements. The options for customizing Preflight are now virtually endless,” said Vlieger.

Because the PitStop Preflight editor interface, already familiar to hundreds of thousands of users around the globe, has only minimal changes, the new functionality can be implemented without any major retraining or re-reading of product manuals. This is a significant benefit for users. Another major enhancement is the Add Bleed Action, which allows bleed to be generated even if none exists in the original file.

Customizable preflight messages
Based upon PitStop users’ request, the ability to customize the warning and error messages in the PitStop Preflight reports has been added as an important new feature, informed Vlieger. In PitStop 13, messages can be customized to reflect non-technical language that can include suggestions for corrections if necessary. In addition, the preflight messages can be translated into languages that are not currently supported by the PitStop application.

Connect 13
Enfocus also announced the release of Connect 13 – the next major upgrade to its Enfocus Connect product line. Available immediately, Connect 13 features a number of workflow and delivery enhancements for print service providers, while giving designers an easy-to-use solution for delivering press-ready PDF files to their print service provider.

Since its release in 2013, Enfocus Connect has been used to ensure optimal quality control and consistency in PDF creation and to ensure successful delivery of that PDF to remote servers. Connect encapsulates all the settings for job delivery into a custom application called a Connector. Once a Connector is created, even novice users can use it to ensure the quality and consistency of their PDF.

Switch 12
Switch fully automates the quality of files and how they are created, shared and received. Switch also integrates and connects to third-party applications in your workflow, linking everything together into a customized production flow. From this version onwards, users are no longer obliged to use the Switch Designer on the Switch Server. Now with Remote Designer, users have the possibility to administer their Switch Server wherever they want.

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